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Non-destructive characterization of refractories by mirage effect and photothermal microscopy
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     we will demonstrate how thermal waves have turned out to be a good  probe  for  the  thermal  parameter  determination,  at  various  spatial  scales  for heterogeneous materials such as ceramics. Mer  the detailed description of the two setups we have used ( mirage and photothermal microscope), we will explain how to proceed to achieve theoretical calculations either in a  1D geometry or in  a 3D one. Then, we will  illustrate our purpose with examples of refractory studies. Because these samples are porous and multiphase materials,  they have to be  investigated at macroscopic scale as well  as at a microscopic scale. Finally, we will show results on the temporal behaviour of heat diffusion which can reveal how heat diases  inside  the sample.
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