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Aluminum alloy Casting universal material testing machine
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Specific informationPrice:56000 / tai
The main technical parameter:
1, The biggest test force: 100KN
2, Accuracy degree: More than 1 degree
3, Load measurement range: 5%-95%FS
4, Test force indicating value permissible error limit: within ±1% of indicating value
5, Test force indicating value resolution: 1/±200000 of the biggest test force
6, Sampling frequency: 400/second
7, Deformation measurement range: 0.2%-100%FS
8, Deformation indicating value permissible error limit: within±0.50% of indicating value
9, Deformation resolution: 1/80000 of the most deformation
10, Displacement indicating value permissible error limit: within±0.50% of indicating value
11, Displacement resolution: 0.1µm
12, Displacement speed adjust range: 10-150mm/min
13, Effective test width: 450×450mm
14, Weight: 650kg
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