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KS certification for S.Korean rebar processors to be introduced in 2012
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The Korean Industrial Standards (KS) certification for rebar processing services that the Korea Reinforced Steel Bar Processing Industry Cooperative has been pushing ahead is expected to be introduced for relevant mills starting from next year. "The preparation for the KS certification has been already finalized," said an official at the cooperative, adding, "Only the announcement of the schedule for the introduction of KS certification remains."

It is expected that the KS certification for rebar processing services in South Korea will begin at the beginning of 2012 at the earliest. The implementation of KS certification on rebar processing services has been delayed compared to the original schedule, as the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards found it is necessary to supplement he standardization of assessment items and the grades of the related mills, while the Korea Iron and Steel Association and the Korea Reinforced Steel Bar Processing Industry Cooperative have provided the agency with support for the preparation of the KS certification.

By making it a rule under the requirement from the KS certification to put various signs and codes at the rebar processing mills on the surface of rebars to properly identify all the information on the products including sizes, steel grades and processed shapes, etc., the introduction of KS certification in rebar processing services is expected to improve productivity and control of materials at the mills.

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