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Li Kui Sheng
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Name:Li Kui Sheng
Education: Master
Date of Brith:1936-04-09
Professional direction:Casting of Mechanical Engineering department          
special title:Adjunct Professor in Education and Training Committee of China Foundry Association
Position:China Foundry Association Advisor
Unit:Tsinghua university
Profile:Li Kuisheng,male,born in April 1936, Tianjin people,graduated from Casting (five years) of Mechanical Engineering department of Tsinghua University in 1958.
He is the professor of Materials Science and Engineering in Hebei Industrial University.He alslo editors the National Commission college textbooks: "Casting Design",pressed by Mechanical Industry Press in 1980 and won Higher Education Award that is issused by the State Education Commission and the excellent mechanical and electrical materials in 1987.

"Casting Process and Principles" was pressed by mechanic Society Press in 1989 and received the Academic Award for outstanding teaching in 1992. "Sand Casting Process and Equipment Design",pressed by Beijing Publishing House in 1980. "Foundry Technology", published by Social mechanic press in 1998(with Wang Wenqing)

"Casting Process Design Manual" was respectively published by Hebei Technology University , Hunan University and Tsinghua University three times from 1972 to 1974. His major works are including:Ceremony 18 of China Materials Engineering - Title IV Chapter VII of "Material Moulding Project" about the sand casting process and tooling design was published by Chemical Industry Press in 2006.
"Casting process"was published by Water Resources and Hydropower Press in 2006 (with Houfusheng) "A typical instance of casting process design" (with Mashunlong,Wangjingling) was published by Machine Press in 2008.

He is Engaged in casting and molding materials and is the member of special committee (the first, second, third and fourth) and he is also the member of the Standard Technology Committee;the director of Casting Information Network;the eitor of "casting"and"Hebei University of Technology,";the consultant of China Foundry Association and other staff.Now he is adjunct Professor of Education and Training Committee in Mechanical Engineering Department of Tsinghua.

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