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Su Yong
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Name:Su Yong
Date of Birth:1963-10-16
Specialty: Professor
Professional direction: Casting
Unit:Hefei Technology University     
Su Yong,Male,Born in 1963, Anhui Hefei People,Ph.D.,Professor.
He is the deputy director(in charge of the laboratory and graduate work) of materials forming department in Hefei Technology University.Dr.Su was graduated from  Metallic Material Engineering of Zhejiang University in july 1985 and obtained a bachelor degree.Then he was graduated from casting department in Zhejiang University in june 1988 and obtained master's degree in engineering.Now he is the executive director of casting in institute of Anhui Province.In the resent five years,he published 60 articles in academic papers,of which 40 articles were included in SCI and 40 articles were included in EI.

Scientific projects:
He hosted a major scientific and technological project of "the development and application in secondary Lead and its battery grid " in Anhui Province in 2008;the project of "Growth of heterogeneous nanostructures via catalyst-assisted chemical vapor deposition process" in 2008;
the key research projects of "high-performance automobile brake drum research and development" in Hefei in 2004;Anhui provincial natural science key project of "high performance rare earth permanent magnetic materials research and development" and "a new battery grid materials and high-capacity, high storage to EV Power Supply "in 2007 and 2009;
He also hosted the project of Science and Technology w services, "an annual output of 2,000 tons of lost foam investment casting ceramic shell Composite castings"in 2007 and the project of scientific and technological,"Anhui Province advantage of the emerging field of industrial technology development guide - high-quality copper processing technology "in 2009 in Anhui Province.
As the main technical director  for the 2007 and 2009 national SME innovation fund to attend the project of "high thermal stability automotive aluminum alloy pistons" and "high-carbon multiple micro-alloy brake drums".
He jioned in the projects of National Natural Science Foundation, "Catalytic Growth of genetic boundaries graphics inorganic semiconductor nanowires array patterns " and "self-catalytic VLS growth method to choose the orientation of GaN light-emitting properties of nanowire arrays,".In 2008,he participatedin the project of "premium gasoline engine block casting production technology research and development and its industrialization"  in Anhui Province in 2008 as well as in "high-speed rail fastening system development".

1."Self-catalytic VLS growth and mechanism of synthesis of one-dimensional nanomaterials" won the award of the 2008 Provincial Natural Science(No. 2).
2."The research and development of Brake drum performance car" was awarded third prize of scientific progress in 2007 in Anhui Province (No. 1) and won the progress award of Hefei Science and Technology in 2006 (No. 1).
3."Premium gasoline engine block casting production technology research and development and its industrialization" won the progress award of Hefei Scientific and Technological(No. 3)
4."Developed high-speed rail fastening system" won the second prize of scientific progress in Anhui Province (No. 3)
Research: 1,casting alloys and process; 2,non-ferrous and Special Casting

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