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Tang Zong Cheng
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Name:Tang Zong Cheng
Date of Birth:1937.12
Specialty:Senior Casting
Region:Anhui wuhui
Professional direction:Foundry Technology and Equipment
Unit:Wuhu Foundry Association
Tangzong Cheng,male,Born in December 1937,Anhui wuhu people,casting engineers.
He was the first, second and third president of Wuhu Foundry Association and now he is the secretary-general in the Association.He graduated from machinery and equipment department of Shandong University in 1960.After graduation,he was assigned to teach in QinghaiTechnology College.He was transferred to the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in 1963.Then he was transferred back to the Electrical Machinery Plant in technical design work to 1997 in wuhu city, Anhui province in 1978.After retiring,he worked in transport machinery company,Fanchang Dajiang casting company and other enterprises and institutions to do some design and technological innovation.

During his long working period,he has gotlots of achievements,for example:company design and technological innovation: plant design at the Baoding Casting Machinery Factory to expand the preliminary design,with instructor Mafangtai in september 1960;complete initiative ministry of industry project (79) No. 818 in Electrical machinery factory in Wuhu in March 1980;responsible for transport and mechanized sand plant mechanical design and construction of 2.5 million yuan investment ansd is the chief commander of the scene.Professor Tang completed the mechanical design in Fanchang Machinery Casting Co. Ltd in March 2003 on his own.

Handling equipment design: In 1997,the independent design of Shenzhen, "Pang" 51 layer 37.6 m diameter mechanical turntable revolving restaurant;Development and application of group technology: 1989 Electrical Machinery Plant Design Section to undertake CTT technology applications of metal cutting tool design issues and to explore the group technology applications in other fields and achieved results;Industrial furnace research and development: before and after 1992 in the electrical machinery factory and foundry cupola ovens and other responsible individual transformation.

In 2005,he was employed in Wuhu Vocational Institute of Electrical and Mechanical, Wuhu Vocational Institute of Technology to teach the courses of mold design and manufacturing expertise: plastic mold design, stamping die design, die casting dies, forging dies and other tooling, mold materials and surface treatment, mold prices and so on.In his life,he has written "casting process design specifications developed common parameters" and "welding technology" and other books.

During his work and teaching,he published 24 papers in national journals,"Foundry Technology", "casting equipment research", "Group Technology and Production Modernization," "Today, casting" and "China casting machine",of which the paper of  "On the classification and coding system of casting mode"in the "China casting machine"was secleted by Russian "Su Machinery Manufacturing Digest" (1998);in 1993 "On the design and improvement of foundry Lessons and Thinking, "was selected in the" China Machinery Digest "(1994);obtain one national patent" closed stacking hot air cupola "(utility model patents, patent number: ZL93.2.44155.6).

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