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Qiu Han Quan
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Name:Qiu Han Quan
Date of Birth:1937
Specialty:Senior engineer of casting
Region:Fujian Longyan
Professional direction:Casting
Position: Honorary consultant
Qiuhan Quan,Fujian Longyan people,Born in Xiamen in 1937,Male, Han,Senior engineer.After graduating from Shandong University in 1960,He stayed there to teach.In the end of 1963,He did the casting research in Mechanical Design and Research Institute in Shandong Province and awarded the title of the first "top-notch professional and technical personnel in Shandong Province"in 1988 by the Shandong provincial government.Besides,he awarded the title of the "young expert to countries".Because of his outstanding contributions,he got special government allowance from the State Council since 1990.

As a senior visiting scholar,he was sent to the United States to do the research of casting from 1992 to 1995.  He was the committee of Chinese Society of Rare Earths;the vice president of Rare Earth in Shandong Province;the executive director of musical saws in Institute of the Chinese Musicians Association.

As the founder of compacted graphite cast,his main contribution is in:the application of worm-like graphite cast;from different technical ways to start as abroad, while foreign investment in industrial production is earlier than abroad;in 1965 a successful use of this new cast and put it into production,further more,it got significant results in machinery, metallurgy, transportation, light industry and other areas;given the title of advanced workers in promoting the application of Rare Earths in 1979;according to this mechanism,he was the first person to propose the rare-earth zinc vermicularizing;In the meeting of rare earth in 1979, he proposed the new name of cast iron in a variety of uniform known as "compacted graphite cast iron", referred to as "vermicular iron".

In the "third header of Resources Comprehensive Utilization Research Conference"on July 18 1980,on behalf of the First Ministry of Machine Building Systems,he gave a report to the leadership of Vice Premier Fang Yi about "new engineering material - earth compacted graphite iron"; In 1984,he helped to establish Chinese first professional production of compacted graphite cast industry,which is Huantai vermicular cast iron plant (now is ZiBo graphite cast iron Co,Ltd.);responsible for the completion of the scientific researches in 19 province.
He has awarded one first prize,three second prize,five third prize of Provincial and ministerial level technological progress,which are: application of rare earth, compacted graphite iron research and application of new product development, with cupola melting vermicular Cast research and application of new technology, compacted graphite iron production control system of stable, compacted graphite cast iron rare earth vermicularizing research and applications, and compacted graphite iron vermicularizing series, the commercialization of research.He also has three Chinese patents: "A basic local limestone lining cupola" (Patent No. 87212754); "vermicular vermicular iron blast furnace of the rate adjustment method" (Patent No. 1,042,186); "ball, creeping special pre-treatment furnace ladle stamped" (Patent No. 2043533).

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